Tea FAQ:

How much caffeine is in teas?

Tea contains roughly, 40 mg caffeine per 6 oz cup, compared to brewed coffee at 100-150mg. Women should avoid caffeine throughout pregnancy and while nursing. Herbal Teas are naturally caffeine free

Why does green tea taste bitter to me?

You may be brewing it too long and using water that is too hot. Green teas, as well as oolongs and white teas, are more sensitive than blacks and herbals. Boiling hot water can scald the leaves. Try shorter brew time. Taste your green tea at one minute intervals starting at one minute. Generally 2 minutes is the brew time.  

What do I put the tea leaves in when I brew it?

You may use an infuser, such as a tea ball or brew basket, to hold the leaves or put them loose in the pot and pour through a strainer.

How long do I steep or brew tea?

This can vary significantly from tea to tea, but there are rules of thumb. Black tea needs to brew 3-5 minutes, they can get bitter if you brew them more than 6-7 minutes. Green teas only need 1 minute but 2-3 minutes is not unusual. Oolings typically need 2-3 minutes. Herbal teas, also known as tisanes need 5-10 minutes and generally do not get bitter.

Is green tea better for you than black teas?

Both green and black teas are good for you! They each contain a different mix of polyphenols which appear to have protective effects against certain cancers, heart disease and many other ills.

Can I microwave my tea?

I wish you wouldn’t. It is hard to tell if you over boil your water, your tea will taste flat. If you under heat it you will not get the full flavor. The bottom line is the water is not heated consistently and there have been situations where people have gotten burnt as well. Please do not put your leaves in the microwave. Freshly boiled water should be poured over your tea leaves.