Alfalfa (Medicago sativa)


Also known as: Lucerne

Uses: Tea, tincture

Parts Used: Above ground parts


Alfalfa is thought to be one of the first known herbs to mankind and was considered nutritionally vital for both humans and animals. Its name is derived from the Arabic phrase al-fac-facah, meaning “Father of all foods”. Rich in essential nutrients and vitamins, Alfalfa is used for human consumption, livestock feed and for improving agricultural land (fertilizer). This herb is an alterative or blood cleanser. It also flushes built-up toxins and cleanses the bowel. It increases the immune system, aides in lowering cholesterol and is effective in reducing headaches and migraines. Alfalfa has a mild “grassy” taste; it is easily consumed as an herbal tea and is especially tasty when blended with other herbs as in our “Blissful Tea Blend”.


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