Why Herbal Teas

Since the dawn of creation, herbs have provided food and medicine for humans and animals alike. They provide vital nutrients, cleanse and detoxify, increase energy, build, support and regulate body systems. Herbs are packed full of vitamins and minerals. They are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and, even, delicious! Herbs are the basis of many modern day pharmaceuticals, however in their natural form, herbs carry few, if any side effects.

Herbs support and enhance our wellbeing and overall health – as well as that of our planet when grown naturally and organically. The hard thing is to get enough of them through our daily diet. This is where herbal teas come in. By drying the herbs and using them as infusions (teas), one is able to ingest far more of their beneficial components.

Herbal teas are easily assimilated, low calorie, and naturally caffeine free. They are relaxing and bring about a sense of wellbeing. Herbs can be blended into teas to meet specific tastes or needs and they can be lightly sweetened with Stevia or honey if desired.

So, cut loose, get infused and enjoy a cup of Happy Bee Herbal tea today.