Why Organic Tea

Organic Tea

At Happy Bee Herbs we are proud to offer only organic teas and herbs.  Our products are free of harmful inputs like pesticides and herbicides and are sourced from environmentally responsible farmers and producers.

We support organic, fair trade and biodynamic agriculture, keeping in harmony with nature. In organic tea production toxic chemicals are bypassed, freeing the soil from exposure to harmful herbicides and pesticides. Compost, natural organic matter, and plants provide the necessary ground cover and nutrients. Studies show that healthy, live soil at an organic tea garden attracts more beneficial insects and pollinators and returns far higher crop yields.  

Conventionally grown teas may be sprayed with synthetic pesticides and fungicides upwards of 15 to 20 times.  These sprays evolved from the chemicals like mustard gas and nerve poison developed for chemical warfare in World Wars II and I.  After the war, manufacturers continued to profit from these poisons by touting them as a way to control insects, fungi, bacteria, plants and other undesirable creatures.

Synthetic pesticides are known to pose significant, acknowledged health risks to people—including birth defects, damage to the nervous system; disruption of hormones and endocrine systems; respiratory disorders; skin and eye irritations; and various types of cancers. Herbicides have also been associated with certain cancers and Parkinson’s disease.

Buying only organic teas and herbal teas is extremely important for your health and wellbeing.  If you choose to buy fruits and vegetables that are grown conventionally, you can wash a lot of the chemicals off before you eat them. With tea, the first time you “wash” the leaves is when you brew the tea to drink it.

When you buy from Happy Bee Herbs, you are investing in good health, a better tea and a better earth.